10 Medical Reversals: When the Research Was Wrong

10 Medical Reversals: When the Research Was Wrong It appears that even world-class medical journals occasionally dole out incorrect medical advice. A medical reversal is a type of low-value medical practice that has been found—through randomized controlled trials—to be no better than a prior or diminished standard of care. In a June 2019 meta-analysis published in the journal eLife, Diana Herrera-Perez and...

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Video Showing the Features and Benefits of the Med-Resource 646-ET Power Procedure Table

  The Med-Resource 646-ET Power Procedure Table with Swivel. This is a universal Medical Procedure Table that is very elegant and clean with it's the foot pedals and hand switches built into the table saving you space in your procedure room. Easy to access from any side of the table. No more cable issues! This procedure table has four independent functions -...

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