Med-Resource 619 Power Procedure Table with Patient Simulator

Today we worked with the Florida Dental Society of Anesthesiology! They used our Med-Resource 619 Procedure Table during there ACLS Re-Certification Simulation Course. As you can see in the photo below they have patient simulators hooked up complete with IV lines. This was very interesting for me since this was the first time I had a chance to experience first hand. I was told that these patient simulators can run up to $150,000.00. They even have the ability to program the patient simulator to go into anaphylactic shock during the procedure to test how the doctor will react to the situation.

The Med-Resource 619 Power Procedure Table is our most popular medical procedure table with very stable structure and high comfort. Great for all specialties! This is a 4 function medical procedure table which controls height, backrest, and footrest and seat inclination. The armrest flips back 180 degrees and the headrest is adjustable. The upholstery is high quality which makes it easy to clean. 

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