WARRANTY ON ALL EQUIPMENT One Year, unless specifically stated in item description on website , which may vary.

Warranty for Malfunction & Manufacturer's defect only (parts, labor & shipping not included). THIS WARRANTY IS VOID IN THE EVENT EQUIPMENT IS DAMAGED BY IMPROPER USE. This Warranty DOES NOT COVER malfunction and/or manufacturer's defects discoverable upon reasonable inspection on date of delivery, unless Warranty holder (1) submits photograph of defect or damage taken no later than date of delivery; and (2) reports defect or damage to Company within 24 hours of date of delivery. Notwithstanding anything to contrary herein stated, this Warranty DOES NOT apply to any malfunction or manufacturer's defect unless Warranty holder: (1) obtains a return authorization number issued by Company; (2) ships damaged or defective product to Company under that authorization number together with original packaging and tracking number of carrier pursuant to which equipment was originally delivered; (3) pays all costs associated with return shipment of equipment to Company; (4) pays Company a restocking charge of twenty five percent (25%) of the invoice price (inclusive of any and all costs and expenses incurred by Company in packing, shipping transporting or otherwise delivering replacement equipment to Customer). The company will issue company credit only for returns. . Images of items cannot be guaranteed to precisely match the item exactly. Med-Resource Reserves the right to substitute similar items No refunds for this. IN THE EVENT OF CHARGE-BACKS OR STOP PAYMENTS, THIS WARRANTY IS VOID. RECEIVER MUST BE PRESENT UPON ARRIVAL OF MERCHANDISE. ANY DAMAGE DUE TO SHIPPING, DO NOT REMOVE ITEMS FROM THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND MUST BE REPORTED TO Med-Resource, INC.. PHONE # 305-204-7226, or email: info@med-resource.com . ANY CLAIM OR DAMAGE NOT REPORTED WITHIN 24 HOURS WILL NOT BE HONORED.