Why Do Doctors Prefer Power Procedure Tables?

Why Do Doctors Prefer Power Procedure Tables?

Why Do Doctors Prefer Power Procedure Tables?

With the amount of different procedures doctors perform on a daily basis having a Power Procedure Table helps to position the patient and leads to optimum performance. On top of the different procedures doctors perform, you also have patients of all shapes and sizes. These are a couple reasons why a doctor would prefer to have a Power Procedure Table over a standard Exam Table.

List of Pro's & Con's


  • Ability to position patient.
  • Goes down lower so doctor doesn't strain back lifting heavier patients on table.
  • Goes up higher so doctor doesn't have to lean over during procedure.
  • Tax credit for American Disability Act


  • Cost

Based on the pro's and con's I believe if Power Procedure Tables weren't so much more expensive than a basic Exam Table then doctors would have one in every exam room. Basically the only downside is the cost of the Power Procedure Table.

We have Power Procedure Tables to meet any budget!

With this being said, there is no perfect Power Procedure Table for any doctor just based on the information discussed previously. This equation is compounded when add multiple doctors in the same practice.(i.e. One doctor is taller than the other.) This is why there are all different types of Power Procedure Tables. No need to get overwhelmed, because at Med-Resource, Inc. we offer all types and brands including our own and we will use our expertise to help find you the best Power Procedure Table to meet your needs.

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