Welch Allyn PCR-100 PC-Based Resting ECG
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Welch Allyn PCR-100 PC-Based Resting ECG

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The Welch Allyn PRC-100 PC-Based Resting ECG allows you to spend less time with paperwork and more time with your patients, improve workflow, efficiency, and make clinical decisions with confidence. All the benefits of a full-featured, PC-based ECG in an affordable solution that speeds the turnaround of test results, makes patient diagnostic information more readily available and enhances communication for you, your staff, and your patients.

  • Preview a complete 12-lead report on large screen prior to printing and eliminate repeat ECGs
  • ECG measurements speed physician review and interpretation
  • Flexible reports that you can print on plain (standard) paper using an inkjet or laser printer. No need for expensive thermal paper. No more fading problems
  • Serial comparison of previous ECGs to highlight changes
  • Easily monitor patients with intermittent arrhythmias
  • Connect with your EHR and eliminate the need to sort through lengthy paper reports or interpret hard-to-read faxed copies of test results