Welch Allyn CareTemp Touch Free Thermometer

Welch Allyn CareTemp Touch Free Thermometer

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The Welch Allyn CareTemp Touch Free Thermometer is the latest addition to the industry leading line of thermometers including the high precision SureTemp Plus 690 Electronic and Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 ear devices.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Measurement feedback system
  • Detects proper operating distance from forehead (4-6 cm) to help provide consistent accuracy. If the clinician is outside of the optimal measurement range, the device will not capture a reading until it is positioned at thecorrect distance from the patient’s forehead.
  • Audible and Visual feedback guides operator on proper positioning.
  • Clinical Workflow Enhancements
  • 60 second pulse timer for manual measurement of respirations or pulse
  • Dedicated memory recall and C/F scale conversion operation buttons
  • Bright, backlit display that is easy to read even in low room light
  • Ability to set temperature scale default to Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Superior User Experience
  • Ergonomic handle design that is comfortable to hold
  • Angled screen that is easy to view while operating device
  • Simple one-handed operation with all operation buttons within reach
  • Cleaning “Friendly” Design
  • Device housing is made with a durable plastic that is compatible with many popular “medical grade” cleaning and disinfecting products
  • Sealed operation buttons that can be wiped
  • Non-contact means there’s no need to wipe sensor head between patients (a consideration with contact scanners that require patient skin touch)


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