Wallach ZoomStar Center Post LED Colposcope with Trulight

Wallach ZoomStar Center Post LED Colposcope with Trulight

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The Wallach ZoomStar Center Post  LED Colposcope with Trulight technology continues to lead the colposcope market with their high quality products.

ZoomStar offers the same quality optics and features as ZoomScope on an exclusive compact center stand with a spring loaded main shaft for gross height adjustment, with the addition of fine height adjustment.

  • Stereoscopic continuous 4.5 – 20x zoom Nikon optics for optimal viewing and image magnification
  • Dual zoom knobs on the optical head allow for left or right handed operation
  • Convenient fine focus control handle sharpens the image
  • USB Video Camera option 

Wallach’s innovative Trulight lighting system incorporates five high-intensity, long-life light emitting diodes (LEDs) positioned around the objective lens for optimal colposcopic examinations. Precisely angled, the solid-state LED lights converge onto the target offering a brighter, whiter light for true tissue color. The center light is green and can be turned on at the touch of a switch for vascular pattern delineation.

  • 5 solid-state bright LEDs
  • Lights converge on target
  • No need to frequently change a light bulb