Wallach Reusable Cryosurgical Tip - 900208AA - Cryotip (T-1900) - Flat

Wallach Reusable Cryosurgical Tip - 900208AA - Cryotip (T-1900) - Flat

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The Wallach Reusable Cryosurgical Tips are utilized by the LL100, LLCO2, and the WA100B Cryosurgical Systems. These cryotips offer top quality in safety and convenience. Since the cryotips are sterilizable you can now avoid soaking which may lead to problems caused by oversoaking, (Oversoaking may lead to tip corrosion). Tips are designed to work in conjunction with the disposable shield which removes from the cryotips and is discarded after each use.

Our cryosurgical systems deliver fast and precise freeze and are available with a wide selection of cryotips with disposable plastic shields. We offer single-trigger and our exclusive two-trigger designs that freeze and defrost with greater control.