Wallach Cryosurgical LL100 Unit (N2O)

Wallach Cryosurgical LL100 Unit (N2O)

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The Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical Unit (N2O) is used for ablative-type surgical technique. The popularity of this procedure can be attributed to several factors: applicability to multiple organ systems, a wide range of disease indications (i.e., viral and premalignant tissue), rapid procedural times, relatively low-cost, office-based suitability and minimal operative and post-operative complications.

Two-Trigger design and twice the freeze power of other systems

Wallach’s exclusive two-trigger cryosurgical system delivers fast and precise freeze/defrost control and allows cryotips to be changed at any time without venting.

  • More effective freeze/defrost in less time
  • Freeze and defrost only when triggered
  • Lightweight, well-balanced and maneuverable
  • Use with Wallach’s large selection of cryotips and disposable plastic shields

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