Wallach Colpostar 1H Precision Optics Colposcope

Wallach Colpostar 1H Precision Optics Colposcope

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The Wallach Colpostar 1H Precision Optics Colposcope offers a unique single magnification precision, distortion-free optics, wide field of view and great depth-of-field. 12x Single magnification – accurate, agile and affordable

The ColpoStar 1H offers fiber optic halogen lighting that delivers white, cool, clear natural tone tissue illumination for more accurate examination. Optimal single 12x magnification offers a wider field of view and greater depth of field. ColpoStar 1H provides:

  • Distortion-free precision stereo optics
  • 300mm working distance
  • Green filter
  • Stable five-point base with center post design, easily maneuvers
  • Fine and coarse height adjustments