Summit L500CP Vista ABI Vascular System
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Summit L500CP Vista ABI Vascular System

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Summit L500CP Vista ABI Vascular System is an Advanced ABI/Vascular System with (VANMAX) Vantage ABI automate screening system for PAD Complete Vascular Package for diagnosing PAD screening system for PAD. Complete Vascular Package for diagnosing PAD. • Reimbursement and Requirements Vary by State

A full-featured vascular system with 3 modalities: PVR, bi-directional doppler probe and arterial PPG. Has automated cuff inflation/deflation, automatic index calculation, built-in printer, graphic waveform display with step-by-step exam instructions and 9 cuffs. Perform the Seated ABI customize segmental studies and obtain both toe and limb pressures with the Vista AVS.

The Vista Systems Overview:

  • Fast, automatic cuff inflation/deflation and highly accurate ABI calculations
  • Graphic waveform display with easy to follow test sequences
  • Sensitive bi-directional 8 MHz Doppler probe for surface vessels or optional 5 MHz probe for deeper vessels (Bi-directional probes are capable of obtaining waveforms)
  • Obtains dual-ankle pressures at Posterior Tibial (PT) and Dorsalis Pedis (DP) arteries
  • Pulse volume recording (PVR) can be used to obtain peripheral arterial waveforms with blood pressure cuffs
  • PPG probe standard for performing TBI exams on patients with non-compressible arteries as well as at the toe site for segmental studies
  • Software for reporting, annotating, storage, printing, and interfacing with EMR (optional feature on the Vista ABI)

Vista ABI System: Performs single-level ABI exams with the option to add PPG probe for TBI and comes with 4 blood pressure cuffs (2) 10 cm and (2) 12 cm).

Medical Features:

  • Vista AVS Advanced Reimbursable Vascular Dopper
  • Built-in Printer
  • 8 MHz Bi-Directional Probe
  • PVR
  • PPG
  • Auto Cuff Control
  • Seated ABI
  • Auto Segmental Studies
  • PPG Pressures
  • PC Download Capability
  • 9 Cuffs
  • Stand