OmniLase 808nm Diode Hair Removal Laser

OmniLase 808nm Diode Hair Removal Laser

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OmniLase 808nm Diode Hair Removal Laser

OlmiLase is designed to treat light skin, dark skin, and tanned skin. Unlike other lasers, OlmiLase uses the latest technology to provide painless hair removal treatments resulting in faster treatment times with little to no discomfort.

OlmiLase is the gold standard in laser hair removal

Suitable on all pigmented hair & skin types—including tanned skin
OlmiLase absorbs melanin and is highly effective, with lasting results and is FDA cleared for use on all skin types

Safe for clients

OlmiLase technology ensures the skin absorbs less light, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation. Sapphire touch cooling system protects clients from unnecessary heat build-up to prevent discomfort during treatment.

OlmiLase is preprogrammed for specific skin types & different parts of the body
Progressive heating of the hair follicles with triple cooling system leaves surrounding skin unharmed. Due to a larger spot size, treatment times can be shorter, and just as effective.

How it Works

1. Laser targets the follicle

Using selective light absorption to accurately target the hair follicle, the light beam is preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair.

2. Light energy is converted to heat energy

The light energy is taken up by the hair follicle and converted to heat energy, while minimal energy is transferred to the skin leaving the surrounding areas unharmed.

3. Hair follicle loses its ability to regrow

As the hair follicle is exposed to the laser it becomes damaged which results in the disruption of hair growth and regeneration.

System Details

Semi-conductor diode stack is imported from Germany. In combination with the STM32 intuitive control system, the OlmiLase outputs a stable wavelength laser beam.

Includes a well-designed waterway system with American made triplex high pressure diaphragm pump. The water pump pressure can be raised to 100PSI, with a continuous operating time up to 3000 hours, which is much higher than other similar devices.

Has industry leading security design, abundant drive capability and medical level power supply.

The laser's calibration parameters have been programmed into the chip located inside the hand-piece, which enable the laser energy to be monitored in real time.

Solid holster design makes hand-piece storage safe and convenient when not in use.

User-friendly interface allows technician to quickly enter exact treatment parameters and potentially troubleshoot any technical issues.

The shell of the main console is a combination of metal processing and plastic absorption.

OlmiLase System Specifications

Laser Type - Diode
Wavelength - 808nm
Fluence - 0-120J/cm2
Pulse Width - 5-400ms
Frequency - 1Hz-10Hz

Spot Size - 12mm x 10 mm
Input Power - 1300VA
Power Source - 110-240VAC,50-60Hz
Dimensions - 19 in x 18.5 in x 41 in
Weight - 88lbs