Covidien FILAC 3000 Electronic Oral Thermometer

Covidien FILAC 3000 Electronic Oral Thermometer

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The Covidien FILAC 3000 Electronic Oral Thermometer utilizes advanced technology to ensure the industry's fastest, most accurate readings are provided in multiple easy-to-use formats. These cutting-edge thermometers provide readings in less than 4 seconds or an advanced accuracy reading in less than 6 seconds.

The Covidien FILAC 3000 Electronic Thermometer features an intuitive icon-based interface system with backlight LCD display, unique progress bars that indicate status of temperature measurement; and last temperature recall function. The patented isolation chamber design and color schemes, along with the durable probe covers help minimize the chance of cross-contamination and enhance infection control measures. Operates on 4 AA batteries for 6000 measurements. Equipped with electronic anti-theft system, self-calibrating electronics and auto on-off function. Includes oral probe and push-button probe cover ejection.

Features and Benefits:

  • Accuracy+/- 0.3º C Quick Mode
  • -+/- 0.1º C Standard Mode
  • -+/- 0.1º C Direct Mode
  • Fastest Predictive Readings3-5 seconds Oral Quick Mode
  • -6-10 seconds Standard Mode
  • -60-120 seconds Direct Mode
  • Easy to UueIntuitive icon based user interface
  • -Easy to read LCD display with backlight
  • -Durable, robust design; stands upright on a flat surface
  • Supports Infection ControlInterchangeable, color coded isolation chambers, probe and probe cord
  • -Single use durable probe covers minimize cross contamination
  • -Self contained isolation chamber design


Click here to view videos of the Kendall Filac EZ 3000 Digital Oral Thermometer


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