ADC Proscope 5211 2.5v Otoscope
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ADC Proscope 5211 2.5v Otoscope

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The ADC Proscope 5211 2.5v Otoscope  is an affordable otoscope that offers high quality optics and workmanship.


  • German 2.5v lamp for bright illumination
  • Bayonet locking otoscope head
  • Removable 3x magnifying lens
  • Rheostatic on/off switch
  • Autoclavable, polypropylene ear specula in sizes 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.5mm
  • Knurled handle with a beautiful satin finish
  • Compact instrument measures just under 7 1/2” and weighs approximately 7 ounces
  • Powered by 2 “C” cell batteries (not included)
  • Comes with zippered leatherette storage pouch that holds the otoscope and included speculum
  • One year warranty


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