Aaron Bovie OR PRO 300 Electrosurgical Generator

Aaron Bovie OR PRO 300 Electrosurgical Generator

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The Aaron Bovie OR PRO 300 Electrosurgical Generator  is equipped with the latest technology. This unit offers unsurpassed performance, flexibility, reliability, and convenience.

It includes the following features:

  • Two Cut Modes, Cut I & Cut II Two cut modes give the surgeon flexibility to cut all types of tissue without losing performance. Cut I generates constant output power over a wide range of impedances. Cut II is a softer cut that generates constant output power with a lower voltage over a small range of impedances suggested for laparoscopic procedures.
  • Four Levels of Blend The Blend mode is a combination of cutting and hemostasis. The OR│PRO 300 gives the surgeon freedom to adjust the desired level of hemostasis. A level setting of 1 is minimal blend with maximum cutting effect. A levelsetting of 4 is maximum hemostasis (blend) with minimal cutting effect. This adjustment is easily achieved by a incremental 4-level adjustment. The Blend mode improves the rate of targeted tissue desiccation without increasing the power delivered by the generator.
  • Three levels of coagulation: Pinpoint, Spray and Gentle Coagulation – Pinpoint provides precise control of bleeding in localized areas. – Spray provides greater control of bleeding in highly vascular tissue over broad surface areas. – Gentle provides a more intense coagulation than in other modes. For instance, when Coagulation is necessary in short amounts of time, reduced electrode carbonization is provided.
  • Macro Bipolar Mode The Macro Bipolar Mode provides delicate Bipolar coagulation effects to prevent tip tissue adhesion and carbonization.
  • Micro Bipolar Mode The Micro Bipolar Mode provides precise Bipolar coagulation effects.
  • Standard Bipolar Mode The Standard Bipolar Mode provides power for conventional Bipolar output.
  • Bovie Bipolar Mode The Bovie Bipolar Mode is a special pulsing coagulation mode that delivers quick, precise and powerful coagulation to achieve optimal surgical fusion effects to most tissue types.
  • Four Bipolar Modes with an Auto Bipolar option and Virtual Ammeter LED Display For procedures requiring Bipolar output power, the generator offers the surgeon four Bipolar modes (Macro, Micro and Standard and Bovie Bipolar). The generator also offers a virtual ammeter that displays the RF current flowing during bipolar applications. Use the Auto Bipolar option to set up bipolar mode parameters and select Virtual Ammeter display features.
  • Presets The surgeon can store 10 user-defined RF presets and 6 interface Set-Up Preferences presets for easy selection of frequently used settings. • Return electrode sensing and contact quality monitoring The OR│PRO 300 incorporates a return electrode contact quality monitoring system (Bovie NEM™). This system detects the type of return electrode: solid or split. The system also continually monitors the contact quality between the patient and the split return electrode. This feature is designed to minimize patient burns at the return electrode site.
  • FDFSTM (Fast Digital Feedback System) The FDFSTM (Fast Digital Feedback System) measures voltage and current at 5,000 times a second and immediately adjusts the power to varying impedance during the electrosurgical procedure. The unit’s digital technology senses and responds to changes in tissue density. Unlike analog, this feature reduces the need to adjust power settings manually with varying tissue impedance.
  • User-Friendly Design Digital interface with membrane switch feature selection.
  • Three Front Panel Accessory Connections and Two Rear Panel Footswitch Connections These connectors accept the latest monopolar and bipolar instruments. Refer to Section 2, Controls, Indicators, and Receptacles to learn more. Monopolar 1 connector accepts a standard 3-pin monopolar connector or a single-pin IDS-310 monopolar FootControl Adapter (A1210A) used with the (A1210D or A1210R monopolar Cable) for footcontrolled accessories. Monopolar 2 connector accepts a standard 3-pin monopolar connector for connecting standard monopolar accessories to the generator. The rear panel monopolar footswitch connector accepts a Bovie® Monopolar Footswicth (BV-1253B). The rear panel bipolar footswitch connector accepts a Bovie® Bipolar Footswitch (BV-1254B).
  • Memory The unit automatically powers up to the last activated mode and power settings.
  • Isolated RF output This minimizes the potential of alternate site burns.
  • Self diagnostics These diagnostics continually monitor the unit to ensure proper performance.