JetPeel System

The Jet Peel treatment is an all-natural, virtually painless skin treatment procedure that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin, and is the very latest in non-chemical skincare techniques. Using water and oxygen, this treatment exfoliates skin; improving texture, tone, hydration and circulation. Jet Peel™ has several benefits: it deep cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and oxygenates the skin. Infusions of vitamins and other ingredients to treat specific skin issues can also be added.



The Jet Peel system uses a specially designed hand piece to create a supersonic two-phase jet, made up of micro droplets of saline solution. This supersonic stream accelerates the droplets velocity to up to 200m/second, and when applied directly to the skin peels off dead skin cells – almost like a powerwash – which leaves the skin surface smooth. It also creates a level of humidity which is ideal for toning, and deeply moisturizing the skin.




JetPeel is ideal for all skin types, improves overall skin health and effectively remedies:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Loose Skin
  • Uneven Skin Tones
  • Acne
  • Oily & Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Sun Damage
  • Signs of Aging

    Jet Exfoliation

    A supersonic jet stream of water and oxygen gently removes natural skin debris and exfoliates dead skin cells. It oxygenates the tissue & stimulates micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage.

    Jet 3D Peel

    Our 3-D peel infuses natural Alpha Hydroxy, Glycolic and Salicylic Acids as well as vitamins and Aloe Vera deep into the skin for a gentle but effective peel, without the typical post-peel scaling.

    Jet Extraction

    A patented vacuum hand piece gently cleans out pores painlessly and effectively with just a light touch to the skin. No squeezing or scraping.

    Jet Infusion

    Bio-active skin nutrients are infused deep in the Dermis via a patented jet stream. Skin nutrients are customized to specific skin conditions:

    • JET-AntiAging™ Hyluronic Acid, Peptides, Plant Stem Cells and Vitamins hydrate, tone, nourish and protect the skin.
    • JET-AntiWrinkle™ This natural alternative to Botox contains Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid, two key ingredients that are proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
    • JET-Brightening™ Natural herbal extracts and STAY-C® – 50, the most stable form of Vitamin C, lighten sun and age spots promoting a uniform skin tone.




    More Applications:


    • Pre-Procedure Numbing: Anesthetics are infused prior to procedures such as Ultherapy or lip injections to reduce patient discomfort by 90 percent!
    • Pre-Procedure Exfoliation and Hydration: Exfoliates and hydrates skin with JET-Detox Water prior to IPL Photofacials or Radiofrequency treatments to enhance treatment results.
    • Scar and Stretch Mark Revision: JetPeel’sTM high-pressure aerosol stream breaks up dense scar tissue. It increases oxygenation and blood supply to the area and infuses collagen stimulating nutrients and Platelet Rich Plasma that heal the skin from the inside.
    • Acne Treatments: JetPeelTM technology exfoliates and cleans the skin with hypotonic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral JET-Detox Water, extracts comedones and infuses skin healing and anti-bacterial skin solutions.
    • Hair Restoration Treatments: It infuses bio-active nutrients and Platelet Rich Plasma to nourish hair follicles and encourage new hair growth. JetPeelTM hair restoration treatments are an effective augment to Hair Transplant services./span>
    • Anti-Aging Treatments: JetPeel’sTM 3-D Chemical Peel encourages cell turn-over and powerful anti-aging nutrients and Hyaluronic Acid turn back time.
    • Hyperpigmentation Treatment: Suitable for all skin types. Combines a 3-D Chemical Peel with the infusion of natural Bio-whites that inhibit the production of melanin in order to clear unwanted skin discolorations, including Melasma.
    • Cellulite Treatments: JetPeelTM technology allows for the infusion of gaseous CO2 (Carboxytherapy) in order to break up fat cells, stimulate collagen formation and to promote neovascularization and oxygenation of the tissue.
    • Oxygen Facial: JetPeel’sTM transdermal infusion technology enhances the effectiveness of traditional facial with the infusion of compressed O2 to encourage improved cell repair and vascularization.