Medical Tables - Flat Tables

Flat Treatment Tables are used in any doctor’s office during the examination of the patient. These tables are used in Florida for the patient to sit or lay upon so that the physician will have better access to the patient. There are multiple varieties of Flat Tables depending on the use; including Brewer flat treatment tables and UMF flat treatment tables.

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UMF Medical 5570 Treatment Table With Adjustable Back

$ 995.00

UMF Medical 5585 Treatment Table With Drawers

$ 895.00

UMF Medical 5588 H-brace Treatment Table

$ 895.00

Winco 8500 Steel Leg Treatment Table

$ 485.00

Winco 8510 Steel Leg Treatment Table With Face Cutout

$ 515.00

Winco 8550 Steel Leg Recovery Couch

$ 445.00

Winco 8570 Steel Leg Treatment Table With Adjustable Backrest

$ 580.00

Winco 8600 Steel Leg Chiropractic Adjusting Treatment Table

$ 485.00