Medical Lighting - Surgical Lights

Surgical Light is a medical light used by a medical professional to illuminate the surgical area of a patient. Many surgical lights today consist of LED bulbs which are much more efficient than traditional bulbs.  Surgical lights are offered in different base options, such as a caster base for mobility and wall mounts. Med-Resource offers Surgical Lights to doctors nationwide! Give us a call today at 904-222-0794.

Bovie MI-1000 Ceiling Mount LED Procedure Light

$ 3,699.99

Bovie MI-1000 Dual Ceiling Mount LED Procedure Lights

$ 7,299.99

Bovie MI-1000 Mobile LED Procedure Light

$ 3,699.99

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Bovie MI-1000 Wall Mount LED Procedure Light

$ 3,499.99

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Bovie System Two Ceiling Mount LED Surgical Light

$ 7,999.99

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Bovie System Two Dual Ceiling Mount LED Surgical Lights

$ 13,599.99

Bovie System Two Triple Ceiling Mount LED Surgical Lights

$ 19,999.99