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The Portable ENT Diagnostic Instrument Sets are instruments that are among the most critical toolsets in a clinician's repertoire to perform a comprehensive physical exam. Portable Diagnostic Sets help the practitioner perform fast exams and accurately diagnose a range of patient conditions thanks to innovative optical and lighting technologies. With continued advances in instrument technology, long-lasting power sources, and new advances in lighting technology that feature LED options, your Portable Diagnostic Instrument Sets can not only help you perform a thorough and comprehensive exam, but also can help you operate quickly and efficiently. Med-Resource offers Portable ENT Diagnostic Instrument Sets to doctors nationwide. Give us a call today at 904-222-0794. 

ADC Diagnostix 5110E Economy Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope Set

$ 249.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5110N 2.5v Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope Set

$ 279.99

ADC Diagnostix 5111N 2.5v Pocket Otoscope

$ 139.99

ADC Diagnostix 5112N 2.5v Pocket Ophthalmoscope

$ 169.99

ADC Diagnostix 5410 3.5v Portable LED Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope Set

$ 559.99

ADC Diagnostix 5411 3.5v Portable Diagnostic LED Otoscope

$ 399.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5412 3.5v Portable LED Ophthalmoscope

$ 419.99

ADC Diagnostix 5413 3.5v Portable LED Dermascope

$ 499.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5416 3.5v Portable LED Throat Illuminator

$ 389.99

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Showing 1 to 9 of 15 products