ENT Diagnostic Instrument Sets - Otoscopes

An Otoscope is a medical device that healthcare professionals use to look into the ear, nose and throat of a patient.  The light source and magnification field provides the user an excellent view of the site in questions.  The Otoscope head is usually sold separate from the power handle which is necessary for the Otoscope to function. Otoscopes are often associated with ophthalmoscopes which function very similar but are used to view the eye. Med-Resource offers Otoscopes to doctors nationwide. Give us a call today at 904-222-0794. 

ADC Diagnostic 5120N 2.5v Pocket Otoscope Head

$ 79.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5111N 2.5v Pocket Otoscope

$ 139.99

ADC Diagnostix 5411 3.5v Portable Diagnostic LED Otoscope

$ 399.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5420L 3.5v LED Otoscope Head

$ 199.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5611L Adstation LED Wall Otoscope

$ 499.99

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ADC Proscope 5211 2.5v Otoscope

$ 84.99

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ADC Proscope 5220 2.5v Otoscope Head

$ 59.99

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ADC Proscope 5240 2.5v Ophthalmoscope Head

$ 94.99

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