ENT Diagnostic Instrument Sets - Ophthalmoscopes

An Ophthalmoscope is a medical device used to view the fundus of a patient's eye.  An ophthalmoscope is commonly used by a medical professional during a routine physicial and often by a doctor to evaluate optical symptoms and diagnose diseases of the eye.  An Ophthalmoscope consists of a battery powered handle that is connected to the scope head. Med-Resource offers Ophthalmoscopes to doctors nationwide. Give us a call today at 904-222-0794. 

ADC Diagnostic 5140N 2.5v Pocket Ophthalmoscope Head

$ 104.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5112N 2.5v Pocket Ophthalmoscope

$ 169.99

ADC Diagnostix 5412 3.5v Portable LED Ophthalmoscope

$ 419.99

ADC Diagnostix 5440 3.5v Coax Plus LED Ophthalmoscope Head

$ 299.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5440L 3.5v Coax LED Ophthalmoscope Head

$ 249.99

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ADC Diagnostix 5612L Adstation LED Wall Mount Ophthalmoscope

$ 549.99

ADC Proscope 5212 2.5v Ophthalmoscope

$ 119.99

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