Electrosurgery - Pencils

The standard Electrosurgery Pencils feature button, rocker, or foot control, available with and without holster and scratch pad. All disposable pencils are packaged individually and are sterile. Additionally, reusable pencils are validated to forty autoclave cycles and is available non-sterile.

Aaron Bovie A901 Autoclavable Reusable 3-Button Pencil

$ 124.99

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Aaron Bovie A910 Disposable Handpiece Sheath - Non-Sterile - 100 Per Box

$ 27.99

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Aaron Bovie A910ST Disposable Handpiece Sheath - Sterile - 25 Per Box

$ 64.99

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Aaron Bovie ESSP Disposable Scratch Pad - 40 Per Box

$ 57.99

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