Cryosurgery - Invasive Cryosurgery Units

The medical procedure know as Invasive Cryosurgery is an ablative-type surgical technique. It is the act of destroying abnormal skin cells using the application of extreme cold.  The types of abnormal skin cells that are commonly removed are warts, moles, skin tags, and in-office removal of non cancerous lesions & condyloma. The popularity of this procedure can be attributed to several factors: applicability to multiple organ systems, a wide range of disease indications, rapid procedural times, relatively low-cost, office-based suitability and minimal operative and post-operative complications. Med-Resource offers Invasive Cryosurgery devices to doctors nationwide! Give us a call today at 904-222-0794.

Wallach Cryosurgical LL100 Unit (N2O)

$ 1,999.99

Wallach Cryosurgical LLCO2 Unit (C2O)

$ 1,999.99

Wallach Cryosurgical WA1000B Console System

$ 3,299.99