(LED versus Halogen) Medical Lighting – Which one to Choose?

(LED versus Halogen) Medical Lighting – Which one to Choose?



Many of your Medical Lighting manufacturers continue to make amazing upgrades to their product lines, introducing new standards in technology. Very few models still exist that do not offer a LED version and we believe LED Lighting has replaced Halogen as the medical industry standard.

What are the advantages to LED?

There are 4 big factors that we will discuss:

  1. An increasingly important factor today is Energy Consumption. It takes a lot of energy to produce the hot bright light that Halogen bulbs give off. LED uses a fraction of the power that Halogen uses. While the amount of energy an Exam Light will use probably isn’t enough to save big amounts of money, it is still a very important factor that could be a part of future (if not present) state regulations.
  2. A large advantage to LED light rests in the heat emitted by the bulb. Halogen light burns bright, but also produce a lot of heat. This is increasingly troublesome in the Medical Industry where light is used close to the skin. LED lights have low heat output, which makes them safer for Medical Professionals like OBGYN and Dermatologists.
  3. The Life of the Bulb is the second most important factor between the two types of lighting. With LED bulbs last incredibly longer than Halogen which will save dollars in the long run. On average a LED bulb will last up 50,000 hours. This means you could leave this light on for almost six years straight before you would need to replace the bulb.
  4. The Efficacy of the Light, the most important factor. Above all of the other factors if the light doesn’t perform well you are not going to buy it. Well let’s say once you use LED you won’t go back. The temperature color of the light allows you to see a truer skin pigmentation when examining your patient and gives you consistent light throughout the complete spot size.

Based on these factors not only will you save money in the long run, but you will also get a better quality light when buying LED. Med-Resource, Inc. is here to assist you with the purchase LED medical lighting. We offer many different styles, sizes, and brands so give a call at 904-222-0794 to get your new light today or click here to compare a few lights.

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